first funding of
daycare places

Here's why we help you finance up to half of your daycare costs.

Are you in the middle of your rush hour of life? You want a career, children, a job with meaning and time for yourself and your passions? We help you to reconcile everything. Because we believe that daycare costs should not stand in the way of any way of life – and all children should receive high-quality early childhood education.


We are pleased that with the first round of funding, we can successfully support many Awina families with Kita-Platz financing. The available financial resources will be provided over the next years and are secured. 

We are working on the next round of funding. Once this is complete, we will have more families registered. Why not sign up for the newsletter to be kept informed?

Benefits to your careers. Benefits for your child.
Benefits for your family budget.


  • Personal fulfilment
  • Career development
  • Salary development
  • Higher pension
  • Continuous income
  • Higher employment market value

Financial freedom

  • More flexibility for private and professional plans
  • Optimised family budget
  • Higher possible investments in your pension plan *
  • Twice as long time to repay the loan as you need it

* If you pay part of the saved daycare fees into a Pillar 3a, the tax savings are usually higher than the 3% interest rate. A positive outcome for your private pension plan.

Development of your child through daycare

  • Higher social competence
  • Rapid language development
  • Simplified stepping stone into kindergarten

Optimise the family budget – and your retirement pension

Give up your career? Get less pension in old age? Strain the family budget? That doesn’t have to be the case. We support mums and dads continuing to work on an equal footing. This brings financial advantages – for example, as parents you will both receive a higher retirement pension. Enabling the gender pension gap to become smaller. As many mothers who stay at home with their children still receive less pension following retirement. Or that you pay less for daycare every month thanks to Awina financing – and can thus optimise your family budget. If you can invest the money you have left over each month in such a way that you benefit from higher interest rates, you can make even more out of your income.

Invest in your future – and that of your child

You want to have it all? Children, career, time for your passions? That’s exactly what we help you with. Because we think you should have the freedom to decide for yourself which family model suits your family. For this to be possible, you need the right conditions. Affordable childcare facilities are extremely important for families, however, they are rare.

With the financing of a daycare place, you can continue to follow your professional goals and develop your careers – and last but not least, you can work in a job that gives you fulfilment and purpose alongside your family life.

And finally, it’s also about your child: attending daycare, your child gets the care and support he or she needs. Your child learns, is encouraged and develops quickly by interacting with other children – a chance for your child’s future.

Financing daycare fees: It's that easy

We support you in financing a daycare place through an earmarked loan for 3 per cent interest per year. And, yes, this also applies to an already subsidised place.

How Awina works: We finance up to half of your daycare costs. This way, you spread the cost of your daycare place over several years. Because you have twice as long to repay the loan and the 3% interest. The interest rate is much lower than the interest rates offered by other credit institutions. You decide whether you want to finance half your costs or less. And also how long you need the financing. Do you want to finance the whole time until kindergarten? Or do you need financing for one year? We are as flexible as your needs are.

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